With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility!

Beard care is popping up everywhere, but it is all created equally? What sets a beard oil or conditioner apart from all of the rest? Is beard care even necessary? This will most definitely take more than one blog post to address but lets start to dive in with the softening and moisturizing products.

Unfortunately for you, the consumer, all beard care is NOT created equally. Most often I find formulas simply consisting of whatever oils are most popular without really taking into account what those oils are best suited for. Whether you are looking at a beard oil or a conditioner, you want to make sure that the products you are using are really focusing on making your beard healthier in the long run instead of simply using silicones and waxes to give the temporary illusion that you have a smooth, healthy beard. Not all oils will penetrate the hair shaft, but instead will create a coating around it. The problem with this is that when you are just coating the hair instead of penetrating the follicle, it will simply wash away with your next shower and you're back at square one! This is the reason we made sure we chose ingredients that would truly nourish the hair from the inside out!

Now, lets talk about the necessity of beard care. "Well of course you're going to say it is necessary, you want our money!". While I have grown accustomed to having lights on at my house and food in my belly, I would never want to create a product that I didn't feel had true value for my customers. Your beard most definitely needs some love! They don't nickname it the crumb catcher for no reason, fellas! While it is not crucial that you use every product available, some of the basics are certainly going to ensure a healthier, more tame beard. Keep it clean and keep it smooth, in whatever combination of products you think suits your life. You can add more or take away, there is no ONE right way to care for your beard, it is such a personal thing. So can you get away without putting any care into your beard? Sure. Will you appreciate the smooth, soft feel of a beard well taken care of? Absolutely.

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