Customized For You

When you come to Stay Gold, we want to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and well taken care of, but most importantly we want to celebrate your individuality . Our goal is to truly customize your experience, right down to the scent of your hot towels! Making sure you have the best experience possible goes hand in hand with getting you the results you deserve.

We are dedicated to offering extremely high quality skin care products. Our skin care line is made in house, using all natural ingredients. Every component has been carefully thought out with the best results for your skin in mind! We do not simply use any old ingredient as a filler to save money. If we haven't already created a product that will suit your skin care needs, we are happy to develop a product just for you!

We are also one of St Albert's top rated Brazilian wax spots! We use only hard wax on your most intimate areas, resulting in a more comfortable experience with better results!