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I am incredibly excited to start blogging with the official website announcement of my skin care line - Essentials. ! I have put many years of research into natural ingredients so that I could bring something fresh, unique, and most importantly, effective to you and your deserving skin! When I create a product, I formulate it based on what kind of care and quality I would want if I were creating it for myself. I do not simply choose ingredients that are cheap to fill space, I carefully choose every ingredient with purpose! If ever you are browsing my products and don't feel that you can find something to fit your unique needs, please let me know and we can create something together! I stand behind my products 100% and if you purchase a product from me and are not satisfied, I will be happy to find a solution for you! Sometimes this means a reformulation and sometimes it is an exchange, but I want you to love your products! So let me know how I can help you and have a happy Saturday!

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